Welcome to Professor Wright’s Lower Division Students’ Work

This site is a continuous work-in-progress. For several semesters, I have been teaching WRT 205 with a topic of inquiry centered around “Digital Lives_Digital Worlds.” Students contributed to what is called a reverse blog, which is one where multiple contributors share on the same blog space with related areas of research. On those pages, you will find biographical sketches, analytical blog entries, and multimedia projects.

Returning to teaching WRT 105 in the Fall of 2015 meant adding space for new freshmen voices to be heard. Links to their sites may remain active, but their site titles and actual site content may be altered after this course. In fact, many will continue to revise their sites to become their professional portfolios over the next few years. I may, with student permission, create pages to house their work for future reference. Again, the site is a continuous work in progress.

Questions about the site or its contents can be e-mailed directly to me, Prof. Wright, at slwrig02@syr.edu.