Sample Revised Professional Format

  1. Choose what you feel is a professional theme, a theme that reflects something about you.
    1. If you titled this site WRT 105, then this is the time to change it. This is now an electronic professional portfolio space.
    2. The home page is your Welcome page. You are not required to write anything (but you may at least want to write the word Welcome).
  2. Create a PAGE titled Professional Statement. This heading will be on the main menu. This is where you will submit this three-paragraph assignment.
  3. Create a PAGE titled Academic Work.
  4. Move your Unit 1 Blog + Podcast and your Unit 2 PSA to fall under the main menu heading of Academic Work.
  5. OPTIONAL: If you wish to add additional headings, then that will be your choice. If you are already working and/or volunteering in your field or a related field, then you may wish to include references (or a reference list), a resume, photographs and/or videos of you working, etc.