Mateo Burbano


Name: Mateo Burbano

Major: Civil Engineering

A Little about Me: I was born and raised in Ecuador. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to study abroad and arrived in the United States in September, 2013 in order to obtain a university degree. I love and cherish my culture, and family is my top priority. For those reasons, I am hoping to return to my place of birth and contribute to its progress and development.

Entry Title: Gloria Achieves Glory through Facebook Shares: On how to use Facebook as a Marketing tool in the 21st Century

Why This Topic: Ecuador is being governed by a president who seeks to instil a combination of socialist and populist ideologies. I seek to understand the potential effects of the policies that are being imposed and through research, I came across Gloria Álvarez. A fair number of my questions have been answered by her liberal stand point. Interestingly enough, she not only explains modern populism in Latin America, but she also provides a plausible solution to the political situation in Latin America: exposing populism on social media. This is where the idea of analyzing the success of her political strategy emerged.

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