Daniel L. Jeski


Name: Daniel L. Jeski

Major: Information Management & Technology

A Little about Me: I am a junior in the iSchool and also a full time IT Support Analyst for ITS AASC here at Syracuse University. I pride myself on my work ethic, both in my career and my education. My passion is helping people with understanding and taking advantage of the many forms of technology as it continues to evolve and become increasingly available to our society.

Entry Title: Unintended Consequences of Digitally Communicating with Family

Why This Topic: Many would argue that being able to connect to our family instantly is great in regards to communication, but websites like Facebook are slowly replacing many family interactions that were once staples in the development our young people. Instead of going over to a family member’s house or out to lunch, we now find ourselves rapidly shifting towards the social normality of communicating via Facebook notifications. While convenient, I’m aiming to discover just what we are missing out on by replacing the regularity of face-to-face interactions that have been fundamental to our development in the past and what the potential social consequences are going forward.

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