Welcome to Digital Lives_Digital Worlds for the SPRING 2015 semester

The topic of inquiry for my WRT 205 course at Syracuse University is “Digital Lives_Digital Worlds: Researching the impact of digital media and technology on learning, thinking, relationship building, and identity forming,”  and the course in general focuses on forwarding one’s skills in academic writing that requires analysis, argumentation, and the use of outside sources.

Believing strongly that all voices have something of value to contribute to the on-going discussions that surround the broad topic of “The Digital You,” I decided to create a public blog space where students would submit their analytical blog piece and their multimedia project, a “movie trailer” for either their synthesis argument (not on the blog) or their analytical blog post. There are also pedagogical reasons for providing a public space for student writing, such as writing for praxis, but that is a discussion for another day.

Readers are encouraged to engage in “conversation” with the analytical pieces and their writers (and other respondents). Topics are relevant (based on time of publication) and already have a discussion taking place within the ethers of the Internet, so an on-going discussion to forward and counter ideas to deepen readers’ understandings is the goal.  However, be advised that comments will be monitored by the site administrator (instructor). Rude, belligerent, degrading, or profane comments will be deleted, as they are not geared to challenge one’s ideas in a productive and constructive manner.

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