Digital Lives_Digital Worlds: Fall 2014

This sub site contains the biographical sketches, analytical academic blogs, and multimedia projects for Professor S. Wright’s WRT 205 sections in the Fall 2014 semester at Syracuse University.  The course is “the study and practice of critical, research-based writing, including research methods, presentation genres, source evaluation, audience analysis, and library/online research. Students complete at least one sustained research project.”

Readers/Viewers are encouraged to engage in conversation with the students’ analytical pieces and multimedia projects. Topics are relevant (based on time of publication) and already have a discussion taking place within scholarly and non-scholarly circles, so an on-going discussion to forward and counter ideas to deepen readers’ understandings is the goal.  However, be advised that comments will be monitored by the site administrator (Prof. Wright). Rude, belligerent, degrading, or profane comments will be deleted, as they are not geared to challenge one’s ideas in a productive and constructive manner.