Art Encounter Blog Needs a Clear Yet Creative Title

Do not repeat title here.
Do not provide any MLA or APA  heading information here.

Do single space your entire entry
Do choose one of the following for paragraph formatting: Choose A or B. Do not combine them.
(A) Indent each paragraph by hitting the space bar 8-10 times. Do not add a space between paragraphs.
*****To avoid that odd extra space between paragraphs, you need to hold the SHIFT key while hitting the RETURN (or ENTER) key.
(B) No indentation is needed at the start of a paragraph. Do add one single-space between paragraphs.

[Word Count   ] is placed at the end of the entry, but before the Works Cited.

Works Cited  <– This is not underlined nor in bold nor in any larger or in a different color.

Single space each source and place one space between the two sources.
Remember that sources go in alphabetical order.
Go to Purdue OWL’s MLA site for the correct bibliographic format for each source.
Do not add your images, videos, or sound clips to your Works Cited.

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